From Talents to Marketers and Broadcasters, anyone with a beating heart who meets Rosazlin (a.k.a. Ros) is easily enamoured by her incredibly vivacious personality. A natural people-person, her free time is dedicated to entertaining large crowds as an emcee at epic festivals. Dubbed an old soul, her true hope in life is to live one worthy of telling stories. With an insatiable appetite for adventure, she has backpacked across 14 countries and left parts of her heart in cities around the world, immersing herself in diverse cultures and expanding her social circle to include some of the most fascinating people.

Graduating with honours in Sociology, Ros spent 4 scholastic years in the National University of Singapore as a broadcast journalist at her campus radio station before joining Refinery Media. Her communication skills also landed her a position in the company as Assistant Producer for all Refinery’s projects. She is the key liaison for talent and talent managers, and is also involved in the creative ideation for all projects and the management of clients. During crunch time, we’ll see her in full ‘Monica Geller’ mode, clearing her Inbox rapidly with awesomely detailed and embarrassingly polite emails, and producing one helluva proposal after another for the Marketing and Communications team. She also believes that image and substance are equally important. She makes it her business that we look good, too. When it comes to presentations and marketing collaterals, no crooked detail escapes her keen eye. In the immortal words of Drake, ‘I got my eyes on you. You’re everything that I see.’